FAQ: e+ Energy Shot

What is e+? 

Isagenix e+ is an adaptogen-powered energy shot with plant-based caffeine that delivers immediate and sustained energy. It’s a convenient 2-ounce ready-to-drink energy shot made with natural ingredients to help you fight fatigue and improve mental and physical performance. e+ contains naturally sourced caffeine derived from green tea and yerba maté, along with a proprietary blend of botanical adaptogens to support energy, stamina, and mental alertness. 

What makes e+ different from other energy shots? 

Other energy shots may have excessive levels of caffeine with the potential to cause unwelcome side effects. Typical energy shots may also be loaded with sugar or contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors. e+ Energy Shot contains a balanced amount of naturally sourced caffeine and our proprietary adaptogen blend that help to boost energy, focus, and physical performance. 

Who is e+ designed for? 

e+ is intended for individuals 16 years and older and those looking for a mental and physical performance boost. It’s always recommended that you consult with your doctor about your dietary supplement use while pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have a medical condition. 

When is the best time to use e+? 

You can enjoy e+ in the morning to help you start your day, during a mid-afternoon slump to boost your energy, or before a workout for improved endurance and physical performance. The 2-ounce bottle is perfect for travel or anytime you need a quick energy boost. 

How much caffeine is in a 2-ounce shot of e+? 

e+ provides 85 milligrams of caffeine per serving, comparable to a small, 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee.  

How long will the effects of e+ last? 

The ingredients in e+ help to boost energy and alertness quickly, with benefits that last for hours. Although individuals vary in their sensitivity to the effects of caffeine, the half-life of caffeine in the body is around three to five hours. It’s a good idea to limit caffeine in the late afternoon and evening hours to ensure you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep. See how the caffeine in e+ compares to other Isagenix energy products here. 

Does e+ contain artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors? 

e+ does not contain any artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. 

Isn’t caffeine bad for me? 

Many studies on caffeine have demonstrated that moderate caffeine consumption—equivalent up to 400 milligrams per day (3 to 4 cups of brewed coffee)—poses no health risk to most people. The average adult in the U.S. consumes approximately 120 milligrams of caffeine per day.  

Can you use e+ on Cleanse Days? 

Yes, e+ can be enjoyed on Cleanse Days and has a value of 2 Cleanse Credits per serving when using the Cleanse Day Tracker. 

Are e+ bottles recyclable? 

Yes, the plastic used in our bottles is recyclable and widely accepted in most locations.   

How many e+ Energy Shots can I take per day? 

Isagenix recommends drinking no more than two bottles of e+ daily. 

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