FAQ: Natural Accelerator

What is Natural Accelerator™? 

Natural Accelerator was formulated to boost your metabolism and help support your body’s ability to burn fat with a blend of science-backed polyphenol citrus extracts and botanical ingredients like guarana, lemon verbena, and cayenne pepper. It’s an ideal complement to an Isagenix system to support your weight loss efforts. 

How does Natural Accelerator work? 

Natural Accelerator is designed to enhance fat burning and boost metabolism with Sinetrol®, a clinically studied blend of guarana seed and citrus extracts, along with plant-based ingredients to enhance thermogenesis. Thermogenesis, or the generation of metabolic heat, reflects the body’s metabolic rate.  

What is Sinetrol? 

Sinetrol is a patented and clinically studied ingredient that powerfully supports fat burning and metabolism with a blend of flavonoids from citrus fruits, including pomelo, grapefruit, orange, and blood orange, combined with guarana extracts. The benefits of this botanical ingredient have been studied using gold-standard methods in clinical research involving over 300 research participants. This potent ingredient works at the level of fat cells to support the body’s ability to burn fat effectively. In clinical studies, Sinetrol has been shown to promote increased resting energy expenditure and support greater weight loss and fat loss compared to diet alone.  

Why do I need Natural Accelerator? 

It’s normal for metabolism to slow down during weight loss, which can make it challenging to reach your goals. Natural Accelerator’s clinically studied ingredients promote thermogenesis, boost metabolism, and powerfully support your body’s ability to burn fat to enhance your weight loss journey and help you see results from your weight loss efforts. 

Does Natural Accelerator contain caffeine? 

Natural Accelerator contains 20 milligrams of caffeine per serving from guarana, a fruit native to South America that is a natural source of caffeine. The modest amount of caffeine in one serving of Natural Accelerator is similar to the amount of caffeine in 2 ounces of dark chocolate.  

Who can use Natural Accelerator? 

Natural Accelerator is intended for adults 18 years of age or older. It is always recommended that you consult with your doctor about your dietary supplement use while pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have a medical condition.   

How do I use Natural Accelerator? 

Take two Natural Accelerator capsules daily, either with or without food. While you can take Natural Accelerator at any time of day, we suggest adding it to your morning routine since it provides 20 milligrams of naturally occurring caffeine. 

How is Natural Accelerator different from other products? 

Natural Accelerator contains natural, thermogenic ingredients including polyphenol citrus extracts and botanical ingredients like guarana, lemon verbena, and cayenne pepper.  Its science-backed ingredients help boost your body’s ability to burn fat naturally, without the shaky, jittery feeling you might get from products that contain extreme amounts of caffeine or harsh stimulants.  

Will I see faster results if I take more than the recommended amount of Natural Accelerator? 

Natural Accelerator is formulated for an optimal benefit at two capsules daily. Though there is no harm if you choose to consume more, you’ll receive the full benefits with the recommended daily serving. 

Can I take Natural Accelerator on a Cleanse Day? 

Yes. Natural Accelerator is the perfect addition to your Cleanse Day routine to boost metabolism and support fat burning with natural thermogenic ingredients. 

Will Natural Accelerator upset my stomach? 

Even though Natural Accelerator contains a pinch of cayenne pepper, we don’t expect stomach upset to be a concern, even for those who may experience sensitivity to spicy foods. Taking Natural Accelerator with a meal can help if stomach sensitivity is a concern for you. 

Will the grapefruit in Natural Accelerator interfere with my medications? 

What you eat and drink can affect the way that some medicines work, so it is important to speak with your doctor or pharmacist for information related to your medications before making a significant change to your usual diet or starting a new dietary supplement. If you have been advised to avoid or limit grapefruit in your diet, be aware that Natural Accelerator is made with grapefruit extract.  


Sinetrol® is the property of Fytexia.  


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