Pilot Study Supports Hair Revival Benefits

According to a recent report, the marketing firm TMR estimated the 2021 market value for hair supplements as approximately $960.8 million, a significant growth from years earlier (1). This growth is consistent with thinning hair or hair loss as a primary concern for both men and women. In a quest for solutions, more people are seeking natural options to support hair growth and reduce hair thinning.

Hair Revival™ was formulated to improve overall hair quality, including increased hair thickness, reduced hair loss, and enhanced benefits for hair growth. Combining several nutrients associated with enhanced hair quality, including key vitamins (niacin, biotin), minerals (selenium), amino acids (L-cysteine, L-proline), and plant extracts featuring a patented banana stamen polyphenol-rich extract (2), Hair Revival has now obtained scientific support from independent researchers.

Independent Pilot Study Design

For this eight-week, placebo-controlled pilot study, skin and cosmetic scientists recruited 14 healthy adults between 25-65 years old who were experiencing hair loss. Each subject consumed the recommended two servings per day (4 tablets) of either Hair Revival or a matched placebo. To evaluate Hair Revival supplementation, the researchers measured the number of hairs at a specified thinning area, hair shaft diameter, and the amount of hair loss at the beginning of the study and after eight weeks of supplementation. These measurements included sophisticated hair analysis technology for precision and accuracy.

Results: Reduced Hair Loss, Increased Hair Density, and Increased Hair Diameter

Compared to the placebo, Hair Revival statistically increased hair density (13.3% vs. 2.5% for the placebo). Similarly, the supplement increased hair diameter by 10% (compared to 5.6% with the placebo) while reducing hair loss (15% less hair loss than the placebo). Collectively, these results fully support the improved hair quality desired by the study participants.

An Internal Pilot Study Builds on Impressive Results

To build on the results provided by the independently conducted Hair Revival pilot study, Isagenix conducted an additional internal pilot study to evaluate the benefits of combining Collagen Elixir™ with Hair Revival. For this internal analysis, 25 study participants were recruited from the Isagenix community. The participants consumed one serving of Collagen Elixir and two servings of Hair Revival daily for eight weeks. Standardized before and after photos were taken, and the participants completed detailed questionnaires.

At the end of the eight-week internal study:

  • 76% of participants reported stronger hair
  • 80% of participants experienced healthier hair
  • 76% of participants experienced less hair fallout
  • 64% of participants noticed fuller hair

Whether large-scale clinical studies or smaller pilot interventions, these results further emphasize Isagenix’s investment in pursuing scientific evidence and independent clinical research to support products and wellness systems.  



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