Recharge NAD: Cellular Energy and Detoxification

Recharge NAD™ optimizes the production of energy in the cell and helps slow cellular aging by boosting your cells’ natural detoxification process. Its benefits are delivered through an advanced targeted-released capsule technology.  

NAD – The Key to Cellular Energy 

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is key in many elements of cellular health. It acts as an energy transferring agent in cellular metabolism and is a basic requirement for almost all biological processes (1). NAD and its partner, NADH, accept and transfer electrons at critical steps in cellular energy metabolism and cycle between NAD to NADH and back again as part of the process. Beyond energy metabolism, NAD is also a key molecule in cellular communication and activates pathways linked to longevity and slowed cellular aging (1). 

Our cells can create NAD when all the necessary nutrients are available. However, the amount of NAD in our cells decreases over time, and lower levels of NAD can negatively impact our health and wellbeing. Supplementing with additional nutrients can promote more youthful cellular function.  

Phytonutrients for Cellular Detoxification  

Every day, our cells are exposed to toxins and other damaging stressors that contribute to accelerated cellular aging. Some of these toxic stressors are byproducts of normal metabolism, while others come from environmental sources like pollution and UV rays from the sun.  

The body has powerful natural defenses to protect against toxic stressors, although sometimes these defenses struggle to keep up with the amount of exposure our cells receive. Phytonutrient compounds found in plant-based foods can further strengthen and reinforce the body’s detoxification systems and provide greater protection for cells (2-4).   

Nutritionally Advanced Ingredients, Technologically Advanced Delivery 

Decreased cellular energy production and exposure to toxic stressors can accelerate the effects of aging on our cells. Recharge NAD supports cellular energy with NADH and promotes cellular detoxification with potent phytonutrients, including broccoli seed extract and botanical ingredients like astragalus root to help defy aging at the cellular level. 

Designed with advanced capsule technology, Recharge NAD provides superior stability and sustained release of active ingredients. Plant-based capsules contain beadlets that are colored with natural blue spirulina extract and suspended in a blend of MCT oil and tocotrienols to both separate and protect ingredients and extend the release of nutrients.  

Broccoli seed extract: A patented and clinically studied ingredient that provides potent natural detoxification and healthy aging support. Provides the phytonutrient glucoraphanin that is metabolized into sulforaphane in the body, which increases phase II detoxification enzymes that help provide protection against oxidative and environmental stress (3,4). 

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH): A biologically active form of vitamin B3. In the body, NADH functions as a biological “spark plug” and operates as a strong energy provider. Its depletion may play a major role in the aging process by limiting energy production. Supplementation with NADH may help maintain adequate concentrations necessary for health and reduce symptoms of fatigue (5). 

Astragalus root: Traditionally used as an adaptogen to help increase energy and resistance to stress, astragalus has also been researched for its effects on immune health and longevity, including telomere support (6-8). 

Tocotrienols: A specialized form of vitamin E not commonly found in most foods. Tocotrienols are clinically shown to support healthy aging while being significantly more powerful for total body protection (9-11). 

Fisetin: A plant-sourced flavonoid found in fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, cucumbers, and mangoes. Fisetin is a potent supporter of cellular health. 

Recharge Your Cells with Recharge NAD 

Facilitate your body’s natural energy production and detoxification processes with two capsules of Recharge NAD daily. Recharge NAD may be taken any time of day but is best when taken with a healthy meal. Each capsule of bright blue beadlets utilizes state-of-the-art capsule technology to deliver potent bioactives and superior stability to help you feel your best with the best nutritional technology available. 


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